Dr Henry Gouk

Postdoctoral Research Associate
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

I am a machine learning researcher based at the School of Informatics within The University of Edinburgh. I am a member of the Machine Intelligence Group led by Prof Timothy Hospedales. Prior to this, I was a PhD student in the Machine Learning Group at The University of Waikato, supervised by Prof Bernhard Pfahringer.

The focus of my research is using theoretical analysis of machine learning problems and techniques to improve our ability to verify the behaviour of models, and also as the basis for improved techniques. I am particularly interested in the foundations of meta-learning, and how further analysis in this area can lead to methods that are able to generalise better in the presence of domain shift and when trained with less data.

I can be contacted by emailing an address that looks kind of like first_name.last_name@ed.ac.uk